1912 Was A Good Year…


Is the murder mystery solved in episode 1912? Are Alaric and his death-cheating ring the cause of the founder family members dying? It sure seemed that way to me by the end of the episode. I was almost sure Dr. Fell was framing him! I especially thought so when Elena and Matt found the box of Alaric’s information at her house. It seems that journal holds the key to what is happening to Alaric, because the same thing happened in 1912 to John Gilbert’s granddaughter, Samantha. Is it just me, or did everyone in this show keep a journal? It’s a good thing Matt was able to snag that journal right before Dr. Fell caught them in her house! I was sure they were in the clear too, when I heard the door shut. I wonder how she knew they were in her house. I also couldn’t believe she had the nerve to show up to the house. But, maybe she was right. Maybe Alaric is the cause for what is happening.


In this episode we also witnessed Elena struggling with the fact that Bonnie will not speak to her. She hears from Matt that Bonnie’s mother has decided to transition into a vampire. Matt reassures her that Bonnie doesn’t blame Elena, but Elena blames herself. Damon turned Bonnie’s mother to save Elena’s life. Once again, someone else is put in harm’s way to save her. Elena and Matt also share an awkward conversation, where she is confessing to him why she fell in love with Stephan, and that she can’t shake Damon. It is so obvious Matt still loves her. Even though he told her it wasn’t weird to talk about them, it has to be! I think Matt reminds her of the life before her parents died, and since now life isn’t the same, she can’t have the same relationship she had with him before. Also, there wouldn’t be a show about vampires if she stayed with Matt! Well, it wouldn’t be as interesting.


We also meet Sage, in a flashback form. She is the force that convinced Damon that, “A woman isn’t just for food, she is also for pleasure.” She teaches Damon how to weed out the women that seek to be savaged. When Stephan arrived, Damon convinced him of the same thing. He asked his brother to have a drink with him, knowing he had not drunk human blood in many years. When Stephan lost control, Damon let him go. Damon confessed to Stephan that back then, he didn’t want to stop him. He wanted to watch him spiral. He wanted him to be the “ripper.” Damon was angry because Stephan forcefully turned him into a vampire, so Damon wanted him to be forced into being something he couldn’t control.


Damon admitted though, this time he wants to help Stephan get control of himself. Stephan hasn’t drunk blood since he nearly drove Elena off the bridge where her parents died. Elena also witnessed Damon and Stephan drinking human blood. I’m sure it freaked her out a little, and she will need some time to get over that. The previews for next week show Alaric going a little crazy! Is it because of the ring? It looks like Damon will be getting a little steamy with another woman, too. We will just have to wait until next week to see what happens!

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