Poor Stefan.

Stefan is off of human blood again.  No more Ripper.  He has done it before, gotten off of human blood.  This time seems a little different, however.  He seems more irritable, maybe weaker.  Then Damon comes along and asks him out for a little brotherly bonding.  So, naturally, they reminisce on the past, taking us back to 1912.  The year that Zachariah Salvatore died at the hand of a serial killer quite like the one haunting Mystic Falls in the present day.  We see when Damon befriends a lady vamp, Sage, that he becomes like he is today.  Using women to feed on, not kill, but use them as a blood bank.  Oh yeah, and for a little pleasure as well.  He learned it all from Sage.  And this is where we learn how Stefan got named “The Ripper”, because Damon gets him to try out this new way with women.  He ends up ripping the head off of the girl he was feeding on.  At this time, it was his first drink of human blood in many years, so is this the path that Stefan is going to go down again? Damon gets him to feed off of a girl again, she doesn’t die, but Elena catches him.  Things aren’t looking too good there.  One minute I think she’s gonna get with Damon.  But then Stefan is all good again, so naturally Elena would get back with him.  But at the end of the day, he’s still a vampire.  Is it really ever going to work with Elena and either of the Salvatores?

So the police arrest Alaric after Dr. Fell shoots him for finding some things that he should not know anything about.  It’s obvious at this point that the doc is the one murdering everyone in Mystic Falls using Alaric’s weapons and she is just trying to cover things up… or so we think.  Dr. Fell then begins to accuse Alaric as the Mystic Falls murderer.  But it can’t be Alaric.  I love him, he is one of the only good ones left that is not a supernatural being.  Then Dr. Fell points out that Alaric has cheated death far too many times using that ring.  It only seems plausible that you can die umpteen times and not be affected at all.  Then we see that back in 1912, the murderer was an old Gilbert ancestor who also wore the ring and began to lose her mind.  This gets us thinking.  He has the black outs.  No alibis during the murders.  The weapons belong to him.  It all makes sense, but I don’t want it to!  We are still missing something:  I don’t get why Dr. Fell had to shoot Alaric.  She turned him in, and then got him out of jail.  Something doesn’t add up.

I can’t wait until this Thursday!

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