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ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

I have to admit Once Upon a Time has me completely addicted. The way they blend fairy tale with modern life is fascinating and it gives the dreamer in some of us a thing or two to fantasize about. ┬áLana … Read the rest


Let’s talk about my absolute new favorite show, Misfits. This sharp & insanely funny British produced show is now airing its 3rd season on Hulu. I randomly stumbled upon this raucous blend of Heroes & Skins while I was meandering … Read the rest

Person Of Intrest – Foe

When Reese and Finch discover that their latest POI has connections to Cold War Soviet espionage circles, they quickly learn how covert ops were handled in a world before The Machine. Looks like it is going to be a great … Read the rest

Premier Of Touch on Fox

Touch has its premier on Fox last night, I would have to say that they show look great in previews for it but it had a really slow start to the episode, most of the episode had no action and … Read the rest

Things You Need to Know to Be a Member of tvBlogs

Getting Started

Pay will be biased on traffic that you get to your post so the more people that read it the more you will make. If you would like to be a member of this blogging experience the first … Read the rest