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SMASH – The Cost Of Art

When one of the chorus members describes how to approach being part of the ensemble of a show, including showing up in comfortable closes and emerging fabulous, Karen replies, “So, it’s like high school?”  Exactly!

SMASH does an excellent job … Read the rest

Storage Wars

Drama, Drama, Drama. These storage war goers are a riot. Dave and his yeeeeeeeeeeeppppp, Brandi and Jarrot and spending too much on a locker, Darrell and his gambling ways that pay off, and then theres Barry. Barry is the laid … Read the rest

Cajun Pawn Stars

History Channel has done it again. What a refreshing way to see a pawn shop and get a history lesson at the same time. The mannerism in the shop is slow, happy, and full of good ole country spirit. The … Read the rest


So i was told about this show called “Weeds” and my first thought was that it was just another fail of a comedy, given the actress. But when i watched an episode i fell in love with the show, i … Read the rest

Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn

I love this show. I really have to give Les a big ole thumbs up. Having a pawn shop in Detroit and having to deal with people that have this sense of self entitlement to a loan just blows my … Read the rest

With “Enter Joe DiMaggio” SMASH Ensemble Shines

With it’s third episode, “Enter Joe DiMaggio,” SMASH safely moves away from any comparisons to kids singing in high school; in fact, if this episode is any indication, the show it is more likely to be compared with is the … Read the rest

Revenge continues to thrill

The episode all avid Revenge fans had been waiting for finally arrived Wednesday night, the Fire and Ice Party celebrating the engagement of Emily and Daniel. Those who have been watching from the beginning will remember that this is where … Read the rest

ABC’s ” PanAm ”

As “Pan Am” has its own true history of stewardess stories (1960s) this series has brought “Pan Am” to a more commercial vision. Basing its self around airplane atmosphere, plane control, pilots & of course our elegant stewardess. This show … Read the rest

At “The Callback,” SMASH really gets it.


If SMASH was guilty of picking low-hanging fruit in the pilot episode, setting up predictable situations with predictable characters, it paid off right away in its second episode, keeping the insanity of what goes on backstage at a musical … Read the rest

Bachelor Ben gets caught in lust…


“He’s not the only guy in the world” said Courtney smugly before last night’s final rose ceremony and that along with her mindless actions throughout the show only fueled the confidence I and so many had that this was … Read the rest

Kim Richards speaks…and actually makes sense

Last night brought the third and final installment of the Real Housewives Reunion trilogy capping off a highly rated and intense season filled with catfights (think game night), addiction, weddings, and sadly death.  And as Bravo does best, they left … Read the rest

Hawaii Five-O

Last nights episode was good I thought but at times it was a bit hard to keep track of all of the flashbacks but in the end they did a good job of bringing it all together.  The show is … Read the rest