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CSI – Goodbye Katherine, Hello New Character!


Well Katherine Willows is the next character to leave this show.  It seems like this show has suffered the most loss. I must say though, I think I was very pleased when they got rid of Lawrence Fishbourne! I … Read the rest

NCIS – 2/7/12 Episode

 Ok, well I was not real impressed with this episode. All it was, was flashbacks to the past with visions of “what would have happened” if Gibbs had made the opposite choice. All the flashbacks were in the middle of … Read the rest

SMASH pilot doesn’t get the show off the ground – yet

Michael Mayer, the director of the pilot of NBC’s SMASH, a show about the backstage intrigue of a Broadway show. certainly knows of which he directs.

Mayer is not a Broadway director who succeeded by being safe.  His Broadway … Read the rest

Top Chef: still worth watching?

  Is it just me or is Top Chef on its way out the door? This season, based throughout some of Texas biggest cities, is coming to an end and the excitement has yet to pick up. They’ve tried every gimmick … Read the rest

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

I love love love love this show. Having the mind of thee  imaginers, this show soothes the soul. There is always a villain and always great longing happiness filled with love. You feel all the emotion in this particular series. … Read the rest

ABC’s Suburgatory – The Casino Trip

   So I am fairly new to this show “Suburgatory” its pretty sarcastic thanks to my favorite character Tessa, the lead role  daughter of George. He is a pretty cool dad and a bit protective. This week he is out of … Read the rest

The Vampire Diaries

Ahhh!!! This show gets better every week. I have yet to sit through a minute of boredom during a single episode of this show. Last night’s episode was intense. Lets start off with Caroline’s dad dying and being brought back … Read the rest

Alcatraz – Cal Sweeney

What do you all think of the new show Alcatraz? I hope at some point they talk about how this even happened with the time warp and stuff. Over all it is a good show I just don’t know if … Read the rest


The newest episode of Misfits aired on Hulu this past Monday, simply titled Seven. Fairly new character Seth has begun dating Kelly, while still searching for a way to bring his dead girlfriend back to life. At the start of … Read the rest


So last night was the big “Michael Jackson” episode. Besides all of the incredible musical performances, we found out Rachel Berry’s answer to Finn’s marriage proposal. First of all I will say that I have been a huge fan of … Read the rest