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Two Returns for the Price of One

The latest episode of Supernatural, “The Born-Again Identity”, was full of surprises, to put it mildly, to say the least, to not completely freak out…To begin, Cass has finally returned. But for how long? Three episodes, but are they … Read the rest

Break on Through

This week on “The Vampire Diaries” we start out with Alaric heading in for an MRI. The Psycho Doctor tells Elena that this  supernatural ring that allows Alaric to be murdered, all too often by Damon, and awake with a … Read the rest

Break on Through

In the last episode it is pretty clear that Alaric is the cause for all the murders going on in town. We also found out the ring is the cause. The same circumstances happened to Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter, Samantha. Samantha … Read the rest

The Walking Dead, Season 3

Is anyone else ready for The Walking Dead to come back? I am! I don’t know if I can hold out until October. Last night just didn’t feel right now watching the show. What did everyone think about the season … Read the rest

Who is the Liar?

Kenya? Keisha? Tammy? Evelyn? Maybe Jennifer or is it Shawnee! I just read an interview with Keisha (link is below article) where she said the girls just get together to film, and she thought everyone was really friends and hung … Read the rest


Stefan is off of human blood again.  No more Ripper.  He has done it before, gotten off of human blood.  This time seems a little different, however.  He seems more irritable, maybe weaker.  Then Damon comes along and asks him … Read the rest

They’re Only Here to Help…And Take Away Mentors.

Well it seems that the once and future replacement of Bobby Singer didn’t last long enough to become remotely close to developing a bonding relationship with Sam and Dean. After finishing up a case, the boys pay a visit to … Read the rest

Teen Mom 1 Confirmed Last Season

It has been confirmed that Season 4, which airs this summer, will in fact be the last season for the Teen Mom 1 girls. I am going to miss Macy’s story the most. Bentley is such an adorable little boy. … Read the rest

1912 Was A Good Year…


Is the murder mystery solved in episode 1912? Are Alaric and his death-cheating ring the cause of the founder family members dying? It sure seemed that way to me by the end of the episode. I was almost sure … Read the rest

3 Basketball Wives and a Psycho…

This week in episode four of Basketball Wives Kenya was shooting her music video.  It appeared she pulled somewhat of a video off.  She had a nice venue.  A full crew of people working for her to put it together.  … Read the rest

SMASH Fails to Find the Right “Chemistry”

In the first five episodes, SMASH has moved through various phases of reality and fantasy, adding touches here and nuances there that, for the most part, worked pretty well.

With “Chemistry”, it’s sixth episode, SMASH failed to get the combination … Read the rest

Gossip Girl Here…

Can anyone else not wait for Gossip Girl to come back in April? I think I am having withdrawls. There is never a dull moment, and someone is always getting played by someone else. I can’t even keep up with … Read the rest