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Jersey Shore Episode 9 Recap

For those of you who missed Episode 9…

So I am slightly disappointed nothing happened when Vinny and Snooki came home. At least we know Snooki is staying loyal to her man. Secretly, I still hope someday they end up … Read the rest

Watch Out for the Walkers!

Did you guys catch last night’s episode of Walking Dead?! It had me shivering in my boots! Okay, maybe I was on the couch, cuddled up with a blanket. But if I were wearing boots, they would have been Read the rest

For the Love of Snooki!

          Did anyone else feel the sexual tension rising between Snooki and Vinny during Episode 8 of Jersey Shore? I know I felt it! Snooki claims to be madly in love with her boyfriend, Jionni, but secretly I have always Read the rest

Basketball Groupies.. I mean Wives oops!

I normally just watch Basketball Wives at home and yell at my flat screen. But since I am starting to blog about television shows, I thought why not share some of my feeling about this one.  Season 4 has … Read the rest

GCB Good Christian B’s? Is it Belles or Bitches

GCB’s highly anticipated first episode was a hit. I thought it was great. I could not imagine where it was going after that little car accident in the beginning. However I was pleasantly surprised that it was rather good. I … Read the rest

The Perhaps (But Hopefully Not) Brief and Tumultuous Return of Castiel

Cas is back! Or at least, the teaser/trailer for the March 16 return of new Supernatural episodes would have us believe so with its brief glimpse of a suitless Castiel. Having believed that the beloved, yet sometimes misguided, Cas has … Read the rest

SMASH – When It’s “Let’s Be Bad” It’s Good

In it’s fifth episode, SMASH starts to open up a bit and enter into new territory, and does so pretty smoothly.

This is the first episode where characters break out in song outside of strictly performance situations, though they are … Read the rest

Courtney’s Meltdown on the Tell All Show

Well, I am sure all of you Bachelor fans were tuned in to last night’s The bachelor Tell All Show!  The animosity between some of the girls was palpable and THEN Courtney was introduced, crying her crocodile tears. Although I … Read the rest