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Heart of Darkness

Elena tries to sort out her feelings for Damon in this episode. So far, she is unsuccessful in determining where her true feelings lie. She gets steamy with Damon at the motel after they picked up Jeremy from Denver. Elena … Read the rest

Con Heir

The CW TV hit show Gossip Girl is back, and with some intersting topics. Last February, we were left to wonder-what in the hell happened? Blair in love with Dan? It’s can’t be true. This episode got of to a … Read the rest

The Murder of One

Stephan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, Alaric and Matt all prepare to go to war with the originals. Damon managed to find wood left from the Wickory Bridge, in which he turned into stakes. They all head out into the woods for … Read the rest

The Case of the Disappearing Beer is Finally Solved

Well, they’ve done it again. Supernatural really excels at bringing characters back from the dead, or undead, once we’ve said goodbye to them. But perhaps, just like Sam and Dean, we’ve all been harboring a little hope that Bobby wasn’t … Read the rest