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I hate seeing Farrah be so mean to her parents! Maybe that is because I was raised to respect my parents, and I obeyed? I know her mom can be a little coo-koo sometimes, but Farrah’s attitude is out of … Read the rest

“Going Up?”

Cake Boss. C.A.K.E.B.O.S.S. Can you guess what cake Buddy’s making this week? Buddy and the crew are asked to make a cake for the North Jersey Spelling Bee! Mauro puts Anthony to the test by¬†quizzing¬†him with some not … Read the rest

“Ice-ing On the Cake”

In this episode of Cake Boss, Buddy makes a cake for the creators of the upcoming movie “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Buddy and his kids have fun while touring the movie set and having some laughs! For the Ice Age … Read the rest

“Silly Seuss & Surprise!”

We have all heard of the incredible Dr. Seuss and his wonderful books! We’ve even seen some come to life on the big screen as major motion pictures, so it’s an amazing experience for Buddy to make a Silly Seuss … Read the rest

“Working at the Car Wash”

In the last episode of Cake Boss, we saw Mary walking into the factory and announcing that she’s back! Well, in this new episode of Cake Boss, we sure find out what she’s up to. In fact, Buddy had given … Read the rest

“Presidents, Peanut Butter, & Popping-in”

In this episode of Cake Boss, Buddy has the opportunity of a lifetime, to make a monumental cake! Buddy and his crew make Mount Rushmore for the grandson of Luigi Del Bianco, the man who designed Mount Rushmore! What an … Read the rest

Mad Men on AMC

If you have not see this show (Mad Men) then I would recommend it for just about anyone. It is a great show that gives you a great look into what life was like in the 1960′s, I mean even … Read the rest