3 Basketball Wives and a Psycho…

This week in episode four of Basketball Wives Kenya was shooting her music video.  It appeared she pulled somewhat of a video off.  She had a nice venue.  A full crew of people working for her to put it together.  She had dancers and a few outfit changes. One of the looks was a bit .. well a bit Kenya.  I have not seen the final cut. It was not bad for someone who is doing this independently. I cant knock the girl for trying. I have said that before.  The song did not sound like it is a great hit, but again this is a grown women chasing her dreams and I guess if Kim Zolciak can do a song so can Kenya Bell.

Jen had a launch party for her retail release of her lip gloss its called “Lucid”.  I like the name.  Its appealing for lip gloss.  She should change the design of the displays though. I really don’t want to see her face and be reminded its her product. Let me just forget that little detail. Keisha also had an event that most of the women came to. It was a charity event and Shawnie came. I was surprised to see her.  Even more surprised when Keisha pulled her little stunt.  Keisha has always been a weird add to the mix I have not understood her.  She acts like she is way to good for all of these girls. I don’t want to say it but she stuck up as hell!   How are you going to lecture some grown women about their behavior when your at a bar, and include the women who pretty much started the current show, she was showing her ass of for in the first place. I feel like Keisha is rude to everyone, then as soon as they look at her like WTF she gets all quiet and meek and nervous. Then goes deeper into you don’t know how to act proper…I swear she wants to add a “ Like oh my god” to the end of her sentences. Why are these girls always getting together, to talk about what they talked about, when they where apart.  It’s so redundant.  It gets boring as well!

The end surprised me.  The girls met to have a dinner before they head to Miami for some sun.  Tammie brought her drama on strong. They started with Keisha about
her lecture at the charity event. But Tammie has to be so dramatic to start, that her point gets lost.  She really is angry for some reason.  All I can think is I wish she would decide to wire her jaw shut again. Kinda like she did oh so many years ago on another reality show she was in.  She just goes right in on anyone who expresses any slight dissatisfaction towards her.  Its ridiculous.

Here is where it gets weird. I agreed with Suzie on one thing.  When she said that Kenya was Bi polar. And the more crazier she acts the more people are going to see her for the psycho she is and turn on her.  Seriously Kenya looks like the chick that would seduce a dude then as soon as she had his pants down she would cut it off with a smile.  I swear she looks that crazy.   She sat there laughing as Tammie went off on Keisha.  But as soon as Tammie and Evelyn left she was like girl were cool.

The preview for next week had Jen and Evelyn in the same room, at the same table it  appeared.  They where going at it.  Both looked angry both where calling each other a bitch. It looked like it could get ugly.  Its so sad watching Evelyn and Jennifer’s relationship deteriorate in front of our eyes.  I understand why Evelyn’s mad and I get the breakdown.  I feel like it was going to happen anyways, their lives were going in totally different directions.   Well until next week…..

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