ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

I have to admit Once Upon a Time has me completely addicted. The way they blend fairy tale with modern life is fascinating and it gives the dreamer in some of us a thing or two to fantasize about. ┬áLana Parilla plays the evil queen perfectly. She’s so passionate in her role it’s chilling at times. This past episode had some unexpected brilliant twists. It was fun to get a closer look into what turned the evil queen so cold. And it seems the story is going to get more interesting with Sidney betraying Emma and working with the Mayor. It appears for now anyway that Mary Margaret (Snow White) is getting her happily ever after with James (The Prince) which is a treat for fans since I believe we are all rooting for them. However there are still a bunch of unanswered questions such as who is the mysterious man who recently arrived in Storybrooke claiming to be a writer, and what does he want with Henry’s Fairy Tale book? This show is definitely on the fast track to success they know how to engage the audience and keep them engaged. I would recommend this show to everyone it’s a break from reality which is a good thing sometimes!

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