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ABC’s ” PanAm ”

As “Pan Am” has its own true history of stewardess stories (1960s) this series has brought “Pan Am” to a more commercial vision. Basing its self around airplane atmosphere, plane control, pilots & of course our elegant stewardess. This show … Read the rest

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

I love love love love this show. Having the mind of thee  imaginers, this show soothes the soul. There is always a villain and always great longing happiness filled with love. You feel all the emotion in this particular series. … Read the rest

ABC’s Suburgatory – The Casino Trip

   So I am fairly new to this show “Suburgatory” its pretty sarcastic thanks to my favorite character Tessa, the lead role  daughter of George. He is a pretty cool dad and a bit protective. This week he is out of … Read the rest