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The Case of the Disappearing Beer is Finally Solved

Well, they’ve done it again. Supernatural really excels at bringing characters back from the dead, or undead, once we’ve said goodbye to them. But perhaps, just like Sam and Dean, we’ve all been harboring a little hope that Bobby wasn’t … Read the rest

Two Returns for the Price of One

The latest episode of Supernatural, “The Born-Again Identity”, was full of surprises, to put it mildly, to say the least, to not completely freak out…To begin, Cass has finally returned. But for how long? Three episodes, but are they … Read the rest

They’re Only Here to Help…And Take Away Mentors.

Well it seems that the once and future replacement of Bobby Singer didn’t last long enough to become remotely close to developing a bonding relationship with Sam and Dean. After finishing up a case, the boys pay a visit to … Read the rest

The Perhaps (But Hopefully Not) Brief and Tumultuous Return of Castiel

Cas is back! Or at least, the teaser/trailer for the March 16 return of new Supernatural episodes would have us believe so with its brief glimpse of a suitless Castiel. Having believed that the beloved, yet sometimes misguided, Cas has … Read the rest