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SMASH Fails to Find the Right “Chemistry”

In the first five episodes, SMASH has moved through various phases of reality and fantasy, adding touches here and nuances there that, for the most part, worked pretty well.

With “Chemistry”, it’s sixth episode, SMASH failed to get the combination … Read the rest

SMASH – When It’s “Let’s Be Bad” It’s Good

In it’s fifth episode, SMASH starts to open up a bit and enter into new territory, and does so pretty smoothly.

This is the first episode where characters break out in song outside of strictly performance situations, though they are … Read the rest

SMASH – The Cost Of Art

When one of the chorus members describes how to approach being part of the ensemble of a show, including showing up in comfortable closes and emerging fabulous, Karen replies, “So, it’s like high school?” ¬†Exactly!

SMASH does an excellent job … Read the rest

With “Enter Joe DiMaggio” SMASH Ensemble Shines

With it’s third episode, “Enter Joe DiMaggio,” SMASH safely moves away from any comparisons to kids singing in high school; in fact, if this episode is any indication, the show it is more likely to be compared with is the … Read the rest

At “The Callback,” SMASH really gets it.


If SMASH was guilty of picking low-hanging fruit in the pilot episode, setting up predictable situations with predictable characters, it paid off right away in its second episode, keeping the insanity of what goes on backstage at a musical … Read the rest

SMASH pilot doesn’t get the show off the ground – yet

Michael Mayer, the director of the pilot of NBC’s SMASH, a show about the backstage intrigue of a Broadway show. certainly knows of which he directs.

Mayer is not a Broadway director who succeeded by being safe. ¬†His Broadway … Read the rest