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Who is the Liar?

Kenya? Keisha? Tammy? Evelyn? Maybe Jennifer or is it Shawnee! I just read an interview with Keisha (link is below article) where she said the girls just get together to film, and she thought everyone was really friends and hung … Read the rest

3 Basketball Wives and a Psycho…

This week in episode four of Basketball Wives Kenya was shooting her music video.  It appeared she pulled somewhat of a video off.  She had a nice venue.  A full crew of people working for her to put it together.  … Read the rest

Basketball Groupies.. I mean Wives oops!

I normally just watch Basketball Wives at home and yell at my flat screen. But since I am starting to blog about television shows, I thought why not share some of my feeling about this one.  Season 4 has … Read the rest

GCB Good Christian B’s? Is it Belles or Bitches

GCB’s highly anticipated first episode was a hit. I thought it was great. I could not imagine where it was going after that little car accident in the beginning. However I was pleasantly surprised that it was rather good. I … Read the rest