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I hate seeing Farrah be so mean to her parents! Maybe that is because I was raised to respect my parents, and I obeyed? I know her mom can be a little coo-koo sometimes, but Farrah’s attitude is out of … Read the rest

Teen Mom Baby Drama Episodes 1-4

What do all of you viewers think about Teen Mom so far? We are only 4 episodes into the season, and already so much has happened! Let’s take a look at all four ladies and their babies.

I want to … Read the rest

Teen Mom 1 Airs June 12th

Is any one else getting excited seeing previews for the last season of Teen Mom 1? I have enjoyed watching Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and no so much Amber, along their journey. It looks like Maci and Ryan are back … Read the rest

Heart of Darkness

Elena tries to sort out her feelings for Damon in this episode. So far, she is unsuccessful in determining where her true feelings lie. She gets steamy with Damon at the motel after they picked up Jeremy from Denver. Elena … Read the rest

Con Heir

The CW TV hit show Gossip Girl is back, and with some intersting topics. Last February, we were left to wonder-what in the hell happened? Blair in love with Dan? It’s can’t be true. This episode got of to a … Read the rest

The Murder of One

Stephan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, Alaric and Matt all prepare to go to war with the originals. Damon managed to find wood left from the Wickory Bridge, in which he turned into stakes. They all head out into the woods for … Read the rest

Break on Through

In the last episode it is pretty clear that Alaric is the cause for all the murders going on in town. We also found out the ring is the cause. The same circumstances happened to Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter, Samantha. Samantha … Read the rest

The Walking Dead, Season 3

Is anyone else ready for The Walking Dead to come back? I am! I don’t know if I can hold out until October. Last night just didn’t feel right now watching the show. What did everyone think about the season … Read the rest

Teen Mom 1 Confirmed Last Season

It has been confirmed that Season 4, which airs this summer, will in fact be the last season for the Teen Mom 1 girls. I am going to miss Macy’s story the most. Bentley is such an adorable little boy. … Read the rest

1912 Was A Good Year…


Is the murder mystery solved in episode 1912? Are Alaric and his death-cheating ring the cause of the founder family members dying? It sure seemed that way to me by the end of the episode. I was almost sure … Read the rest

Gossip Girl Here…

Can anyone else not wait for Gossip Girl to come back in April? I think I am having withdrawls. There is never a dull moment, and someone is always getting played by someone else. I can’t even keep up with … Read the rest

Jersey Shore Episode 9 Recap

For those of you who missed Episode 9…

So I am slightly disappointed nothing happened when Vinny and Snooki came home. At least we know Snooki is staying loyal to her man. Secretly, I still hope someday they end up … Read the rest