Bachelor Ben gets caught in lust…


“He’s not the only guy in the world” said Courtney smugly before last night’s final rose ceremony and that along with her mindless actions throughout the show only fueled the confidence I and so many had that this was her time to go. No way could Ben not see right through her charade and send her home. So when it came down to the final rose and he softly called her name I once again denounced my own relationship with The Bachelor as I have so many times in seasons past only to be pulled back in. There really shouldn’t be any surprise here though, enter Ben a good looking often times “dorky” wine maker from California whose heart was broken last season when he was rejected on The Bachelorette after proposing to Ashley Hebert, then toss in a leggy brunette model who sheds her clothes by episode 5 and you have a match made in TV heaven.  Ben is blinded by the idea of attaining someone he would not have a chance with outside of blissful Bachelor paradise, a pattern we have seen all too often.

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