Basketball Groupies.. I mean Wives oops!

I normally just watch Basketball Wives at home and yell at my flat screen. But since I am starting to blog about television shows, I thought why not share some of my feeling about this one.  Season 4 has started out so crazy.  I just finished episode 3,  I seriously should have blogged after episode 2.  I really could not believe what I heard come from Evelyn’s fiancés mouth.  You know when he said, and I don’t quote because I’m going off memory… if we are out to dinner and we see a hot girl, we should be able to take her home.  All she said was what if I don’t like her?  My jaw dropped to the floor!  My personal opinion of her at that moment was so low. I feel like she only cares about what she gains financially from this relationship and she cares nothing about herself.   Are you kidding me? Your fiancé should not be saying that to you six months before your wedding.  I lost so much respect for that woman.  I know where her shop is in Coral Gables.  I actually used to live right down the street from the location.  I still want to buy some of her earrings next time I’m in Miami.  We will see.

Episode 3 proved that Kenya was a hot messed like we all knew already from her YouTube video.  How do you actually show up in front of a team of people with no pictures, oh wait she had them on a flash drive. Then pull a radio out of your bag and not dance for them.   I swear my twelve year old could have pulled that off better.  I mean I can’t knock her for trying but still at some point in your life you have to give it up.  Can someone explain how Susie is still a part of the cast?  Honestly does she work?  Is she dating someone rich who supports her? She just seems to float around from city to city, show up and get drunk.  I really don’t know why Royce did not tell her thanks for acting like a fool now leave.  She looked at her dirty and started to get upset but nothing.   Royce has actually grown on me since season 1.  I did not like her, but didn’t she have a child?  Where is her baby? I have not heard or seen any mention of the child.  Am I wrong?  My memory can be a bit cloudy at times.

It looks like there is going to be more drama to come so I will stay tuned in and talking trash! I might get a bit harsher as the season continues so come back.  I will have a lot to say about these ladies!


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