“Beer, Buttercups, & Bumbling”

In this new episode of Cake Boss, the guys are inquired to make a cake that looks and even tastes like beer! Buddy also delivers a tropical wedding cake for two florists that insist the cake be perfect, which makes Mauro very nervous because he was put in charge of making this cake. Jay returns from a delivery with some bad news. He was supposed to be the “brains of the operation” by making sure a cake was delivered to Florida on time and in perfect condition. Cousin Jay knew that the delivery truck was a diesel, but Jay filled it with regular gas during the whole trip. Because of his mistake, it might cost the bakery a new truck and they will have to figure out another way to deliver cakes until they found out if their truck can be fixed. This made Buddy furious! Will Jay end up like Mary, out of the bakery, or will Buddy give Jay a second chance? Find out by watching this suspenseful episode of Cake Boss!

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