Break on Through

In the last episode it is pretty clear that Alaric is the cause for all the murders going on in town. We also found out the ring is the cause. The same circumstances happened to Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter, Samantha. Samantha was sent to an asylum, where she tried to give herself a lobotomy and bled to death on the floor of her cell. Will the same fate come for Alaric? I’ve grown pretty attached to his character. I would hate to see him die. I am glad Dr. Fell is really a “good” doctor, and that she is trying to help Alaric. Stephan also found out that Samantha still killed people even after she took the ring off.  When Elena realizes she left Dr. Fell alone with Alaric, she rushes back to the house. While Elena was gone, Alaric attacks Dr. Fell with a knife. I couldn’t believe how crazy he looked! When Elena and Stephan found Dr. Fell in the bathroom, I for sure thought Stephan might eat her! I know it had to be difficult for him to feed her his blood, while trying not to drink hers! I am glad he could control himself to save her.

Alaric also kept pictures and newspaper articles of his victims. He even wrote a creepy letter to Jeremy to continue out his work if something happens to him. I bet you all forgot Jeremy has the other ring. I felt so bad when Elena called Jeremy. You can tell she misses him so much. It is sad that she can’t talk to him about anything, because she had Damon erase his memory of all the bad vampire memories.

I am glad Bonnie sucked up her pride and agreed to come back and try to reverse the damage that has happened to Alaric. Does anyone else think Bonnie’s grudge has lasted long enough? I am glad when she came back to do the spell her and Elena made up. They have a special friendship. I know it made Elena feel better that Bonnie forgives her. I feel sad for Bonnie that her mother, once again, is leaving her and she doesn’t even know it yet. Caroline begged her to stay, but with no victory, Abby still left. It hurt Abby not being about to feel nature anymore. It hurt her when she hurt Jamie. I think Caroline is right though, Abby is more afraid of being a parent than a vampire. I hate to see Bonnie’s reaction when she finds out her mom is gone, again.

We also physically meet Sage in this episode. Sage helps Damon get into Rebekah’s mind to find out why she is snooping around. He figures out she is looking for the other white oak tree. When Damon realizes the tree was what built the Wickory Bridge, he tells Sage. Sage is in love with Fin, Rebekah’s brother, and makes Damon promise to spare him, but kill Rebekah. But, Sage also saw into Damon’s mind, and figured out all of the siblings are linked. If one dies, they all die. So she and Rebekah burn the bridge. Damon had me fooled when he was so angry at the bridge when he found them. He found the Wickory Bridge sign, which was made of the same tree. He still has a weapon against the originals.

I can’t wait till next week to find out what happens!

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