Teen Mom


I hate seeing Farrah be so mean to her parents! Maybe that is because I was raised to respect my parents, and I obeyed? I know her mom can be a little coo-koo sometimes, but Farrah’s attitude is out of … Read the rest

Teen Mom Baby Drama Episodes 1-4

What do all of you viewers think about Teen Mom so far? We are only 4 episodes into the season, and already so much has happened! Let’s take a look at all four ladies and their babies.

I want to … Read the rest

Teen Mom 1 Airs June 12th

Is any one else getting excited seeing previews for the last season of Teen Mom 1? I have enjoyed watching Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and no so much Amber, along their journey. It looks like Maci and Ryan are back … Read the rest

Teen Mom 1 Confirmed Last Season

It has been confirmed that Season 4, which airs this summer, will in fact be the last season for the Teen Mom 1 girls. I am going to miss Macy’s story the most. Bentley is such an adorable little boy. … Read the rest