The Vampire Dairies


So of course we have a new Vampire Hunter in town.  He’s got these biker gloves that he wears which are soaked in vervain or something, and he finds his vamps by shaking hands with people and if it burns … Read the rest

Vampy Time

I always have a fang-tastic time watching The Vampire Diaries! (You see what I did there- wink wink!)

Anywho, this season opener was a good one.  I love this show, but it always leaves me so freaking irritated at … Read the rest

The Murder of One

Stephan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, Alaric and Matt all prepare to go to war with the originals. Damon managed to find wood left from the Wickory Bridge, in which he turned into stakes. They all head out into the woods for … Read the rest

Break on Through

This week on “The Vampire Diaries” we start out with Alaric heading in for an MRI. The Psycho Doctor tells Elena that this  supernatural ring that allows Alaric to be murdered, all too often by Damon, and awake with a … Read the rest

Break on Through

In the last episode it is pretty clear that Alaric is the cause for all the murders going on in town. We also found out the ring is the cause. The same circumstances happened to Jonathan Gilbert’s granddaughter, Samantha. Samantha … Read the rest


Stefan is off of human blood again.  No more Ripper.  He has done it before, gotten off of human blood.  This time seems a little different, however.  He seems more irritable, maybe weaker.  Then Damon comes along and asks him … Read the rest

1912 Was A Good Year…


Is the murder mystery solved in episode 1912? Are Alaric and his death-cheating ring the cause of the founder family members dying? It sure seemed that way to me by the end of the episode. I was almost sure … Read the rest

The Vampire Diaries

Ahhh!!! This show gets better every week. I have yet to sit through a minute of boredom during a single episode of this show. Last night’s episode was intense. Lets start off with Caroline’s dad dying and being brought back … Read the rest