So i was told about this show called “Weeds” and my first thought was that it was just another fail of a comedy, given the actress. But when i watched an episode i fell in love with the show, i … Read the rest

Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn

I love this show. I really have to give Les a big ole thumbs up. Having a pawn shop in Detroit and having to deal with people that have this sense of self entitlement to a loan just blows my … Read the rest

ABC’s ” PanAm ”

As “Pan Am” has its own true history of stewardess stories (1960s)¬†this series has brought “Pan Am” to a more commercial vision. Basing¬†its self around airplane atmosphere, plane control, pilots & of course our elegant stewardess. This show … Read the rest

Things You Need to Know to Be a Member of tvBlogs

Getting Started

Pay will be biased on traffic that you get to your post so the more people that read it the more you will make. If you would like to be a member of this blogging experience the first … Read the rest