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The CW TV hit show Gossip Girl is back, and with some intersting topics. Last February, we were left to wonder-what in the hell happened? Blair in love with Dan? It’s can’t be true. This episode got of to a hot start when Blair showed up to the loft in her skimpies. It got pretty chilly when she realized Lily, Rufus, and William were all having breakfast. Poor Blair and Dan. No sex yet! Rufus also decides to get Dan a hotel room. Since he and Lily moved back in, it’s been a little cramped with all of their things. I think Lily would have rather had the hotel room, to be honest! She really tries hard to hide her distaste for the loft. Over breakfast, they discuss how they can obtain Lily’s mother’s assests back from Ivy Dickens. Since CiCi left the money to “Ivy” not “Charlie” there is almost nothing they can do to contest the will.

William and Lily decide to set Ivy up. William convinces Ivy he can help her stop being black-balled by Serena and Lily by throwing a Cancer Benefit in CiCi’s honor. He claims he can get Serena and Lily to show up-for a price. Little does Ivy know, offering a bribe to an Executor of a will is against the law and when she writes the check all her assets will be frozen. Charlie happens to hear Ivy offter to write a check to William. Serena has no idea what is going on, and neither does Charlie.

And then the moment we all waited for- Serena receives the laptop from Georgina with the Gossip Girl password. Gossip Girl falling in the hands of Serena could be a little dangerous, but I don’t think she will have the site long. The original Gossip Girl hounds Serena to give her the password so she can have her site back. Serena doesn’t last long as Gossip Girl before she makes a huge mistake. She sends out a blast about Ivy “bribing” William before Ivy ever writes a check. Ivy thinks she is in the clear, but Charlie decides to come forward after a little persuasion from Serena. Poor Ivy. Now Ivy can’t afford to pay the $31,000 that the party costed her.

Dan and Blair finally make it to the hotel room. Just when they thought they couldn’t be any happier- Wow. All Blair could say was “Wow.” I guess s0metimes sex isn’t worth the wait. Neither of them admit the sex is horrific. Blair visits Doroda, and gets drunk. Dan visits Nate, and gets drunk. Eventually Blair and Dan run into eachother on the way to Ivy’s party. They decide, while in the elevator, to give it another go to prove they could make the sex better. I guess it worked because they rode off into the night sky in the back of a taxi cab looking for their next place to mark their spot with love.

In this episode, Chuck decides to dedicate a wing at the hospital to Jack in honor of the fact that he donated his blood to him and saved his life. Upon investigation, Nate informs Chuck that it is illegal for Jack to donate blood in the U.S. When Chuck does a little investigating of his own, he finds out Jack has Hepatitis C. After trapping Jack to admit the truth, it comes to the surface that Elizabeth, Chuck’s mother, donated the blood to save Chuck’s life. Once again, Chuck wants to find her. But will he succeed this time? Or will he even have to look? Jack makes a phone call to Elizabeth telling her it is time for her to come back.

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