Courtney’s Meltdown on the Tell All Show

Well, I am sure all of you Bachelor fans were tuned in to last night’s The bachelor Tell All Show!  The animosity between some of the girls was palpable and THEN Courtney was introduced, crying her crocodile tears. Although I do believe everyone deserves a second chance, wouldn’t this be WAY more than a second chance for her? When a person is under stress, that is when their true colors will surface, which is exactly what happened on the show. It is possible that the show aired more of her nastiness than they did for the other girls. But if she hadn’t acted that way in the first place, there would have been nothing to air.

I am so over this girl. She appears beautiful at first glance, but the way she spoke and her mannerisms made me cringe many times. I was ready for her to leave by the third show.

We will see what Ben is really made of, depending on who he chooses next Monday night. There is no comparison between the two girls he has left. Lindzi is the choice from every angle. What do you think? Should the girls forgive Courtney? Do you think she was being genuine last night? And last of all, who do you think Ben will choose?

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