CSI – Goodbye Katherine, Hello New Character!


Well Katherine Willows is the next character to leave this show.  It seems like this show has suffered the most loss. I must say though, I think I was very pleased when they got rid of Lawrence Fishbourne! I just did not like him on this show, at all! Now they have replaced him with “Ted Danson”. Now this I think is a good fit for the show. So far I like his character and how he represents the character.

CLICK HERE to view a “behind the scenes” with Katherine Willows, about her time with the show!

Now the lady they are bringing in to replace Katherine is, Elizabeth Shue. I am not sure what to think on this one. I will watch a few episodes and make my decision on her then. But for fun, my preliminary report would be, that she might do alright on this show. I am curious to watch and find out.

Now this topic leads me to a question for you!

Who do you think will be the next to leave?

What do you think of Elizabeth joining the cast?

One Response to “CSI – Goodbye Katherine, Hello New Character!”

  • I really lobve csi and katherine participation is one. Of my loved parts. I reaLly. Hate. Watch. A program and suddenly have to get. Used to amother person¥.