So last night was the big “Michael Jackson” episode. Besides all of the incredible musical performances, we found out Rachel Berry’s answer to Finn’s marriage proposal. First of all I will say that I have been a huge fan of Glee since it’s inception. The main characters were all different & endearing, deemed even more lovable by performing amazing song/dance numbers. However, as the show has continued, aside from the musical performances it has certainly gone downhill in my eyes. The lack of continuity, (Am I the only one who remembers that Finn got a job, while pretending to be in a wheel chair 2 seasons ago?),  the constant and redundant rotation of  couples & rivals, leaves little left to be enjoyed from this show. The only reason I think Glee is still going is because of the music. Every week after an episode airs you can usually find the song singles from the show in the Top 10 on iTunes. Three songs from the Michael Jackson episode are currently at number 2,6, and 9 on the iTunes chart.  I most certainly liked the MJ episode, the musical interpretations were amazingly done & a true tribute to the King of Pop,  and some of the characters are even preparing for the future which signals some growth for the show. However, the episode is left off with Rachel getting her NYADA finalist letter right after she says yes to Finn, leaving us to assume that nothing on this show is ever final or resolved.

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