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Can anyone else not wait for Gossip Girl to come back in April? I think I am having withdrawls. There is never a dull moment, and someone is always getting played by someone else. I can’t even keep up with who has dated who anymore! The most interesting controversy at the moment has to be Blair’s love for Dan. I kind of saw this coming when she was so mean to him in the beginning. I am most certainly on Team Chuck. We all saw the previews for the next episode, and the sex doesn’t look so hot between Blair and Dan. She will never find with anyone else what she has with Chuck! I don’t Blame Blair for being afraid to go back to Chuck, but she is only cheating herself out of true love. Who do you think Blair belongs with?

It seems crazy that I am rooting for Chuck, right? I slightly feel bad for him. And I feel bad for Blair. They are good together, not apart. They have experienced what true love feels like together. With anyone else, it simply can’t compete. Granted, they have done some pretty twisted things to eachother. But what young couple hasn’t? They are learning to work through these issues. I wouldn’t want them to get back together so bad if I couldn’t see in both their eyes that they are most cetainly in love. Blair is a bitch, and Chuck is an asshole. It works! They both love scheming. Dan tries to be a schemer, but it usually blows up in his face. I can’t see Blair being with someone like him. I think Blair likes Dan because he fawns all over her, not because she likes him too.

All in all, it’s a show and we won’t find out what happens till it comes back on air! So share your thoughts and gossip. What do you think is going to happen in the next episode?

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