Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn

I love this show. I really have to give Les a big ole thumbs up. Having a pawn shop in Detroit and having to deal with people that have this sense of self entitlement to a loan just blows my mind. I would love to know how much of this show is staged. The impression I have gotten about Detroit from this show is the following; there community is rude and obnoxious, everyone thinks they deserve something,and a lack of education on the way they speak. I often wonder how elected officials feel about the way there city is being portrayed to America by this show. I do like the fact that the pawn shop seems to care about there customers. I could do with less of there family drama. Seth to me is very disrespectful and acts like a spoiled brat. He ( Seth) needs to realize that his father, Les, built the pawn shop and it has its success rate because of that. All in all I look forward to new episodes it has everything action, drama, and comedy.

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