Heart of Darkness

Elena tries to sort out her feelings for Damon in this episode. So far, she is unsuccessful in determining where her true feelings lie. She gets steamy with Damon at the motel after they picked up Jeremy from Denver. Elena realized he wasn’t safe anymore, and she is bringing him home. Jeremy also contacts Rose to try and find out who turned her. Cole beat them to “Scary Mary,” and she is dead. No hope for finding out which line the Salvatores came from is left on that trail.

We also witness Stephan coming to terms with his ripper side. He no longer allows Klaus to control him. It was difficult watching him hurt Alaric totry and bring out his altar ego. I thought he was going to lose control for sure. He composed himself very well. He also realizes that everything he has done to win Elena back doesn’t matter if she has feelings for Damon.

Tyler also returns to town. It is a happy reunion for Caroline and himself, until he finds out Klaus was trying to get chummy with Caroline while he was gone. He decides not to stay at Caroline’s house while he’s back.

Rebekkah finds her mother inside the house, and she tells Rebekkah she is going to die. She tells Rebekkah she has been watching over her all the years she was gone, but told her 1000 years is too long to live. She still wishes to kill all her children. Turns out, she is using Rebbekah’s body, and she tries to cut a deal with Alaric’s altar ego to kill all of the originals. They now have the last stake left.

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