I hate seeing Farrah be so mean to her parents! Maybe that is because I was raised to respect my parents, and I obeyed? I know her mom can be a little coo-koo sometimes, but Farrah’s attitude is out of control. In episode 5, Farrah goes home to visit her family and get her braces taken off. I am glad for Sophia that she was able to see her grandparents. It is evident that she misses them a lot. I don’t thik Farrah quite understands what the distance may be doing to Sophia, simply because Sophia is too young to really understand what all is happening around her. One minute grandma and grandpa are there, next they are gone. Even though Farrah has a rocky relationship with her family, I hope she doesn’t let that get in the way of Sophia’s relationship with her grandparents.

Catelynn and her grandma spoke at an adoption meeting for women of all ages and stages of the adoption process. I thought that was pretty brave of her! I know sometimes it is very hard on Catelynn, but she sets a good example for other young girls. She has no regrets, and I am proud of how far she has come in her life. Tyler seems to be handling everything ok too. We didn’t really see too much in this episode from Catelynn, other than her speaking. I hope as far as Butch is concerned that he is behaving!

Maci is starting school again. School has just been quite a battle for Maci. She has got quite a bit on her plate that has caused her to drop many classes. It made me wonder what she was thinking when she wanted to take 5 classes! I know she is only in a rush to finish, but she already knows what the outcome is going to be. I am glad she decided to listen to her advisor and only take 3 classes, and go for her associates in science degree. a degree at all is better than no degree. And nothing is stopping her from continuing her education maybe when Bentley is a little older.

Amber got to spend some time with Leah, and some more time in therapy with Gary. I really think this couple should give it up. I am usually all for couples getting together and working things out for the sake of the child, but I honestly believe in this situation, they should not be together. Too much has happened for them to wipe the slate clean and start over. Their main focus should be parenting and taking care of Leah, not sorting out their drama in their relationship. If they gave it some time, it might work itself out. They just keep throwing oil on the fire. Maybe one day they will learn!

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