“Ice-ing On the Cake”

In this episode of Cake Boss, Buddy makes a cake for the creators of the upcoming movie “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Buddy and his kids have fun while touring the movie set and having some laughs! For the Ice Age cake, Buddy wants to put actual ice sculptures around it! Could Buddy make it in the ice sculpting business or will this whole situation turn into a disaster? Also, the winner of the “TLC’s Watch and Win Sweepstakes” gets the chance to meet Buddy and get a cake from him! The winner’s daughter asked for a carousel cake, but not only do the winners get a cake from Buddy, they also get to make their own cake with him! Cousin Jay get’s a chance to redeem himself by delivering the Ice Age cake to the customer! Will he mess it up again? Found out by watching TLC’s Cake Boss!

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