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If you would like to join the team of bloggers on this site, This page on my site tells you everything you need to know about how to get started, let me know what you think and if there are any issues that you have.

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  • Tony Ruehl:

    My name is Tony Ruehl and I live in St. Louis Missouri and Im 20 years old. I would love to be a member of because I love watching TV and I talk to people about shows over the internet, this would give me a great place to post what I love/think/enjoy about my “stories” as I call them. Well I hope I can join the tvblogs team and help make this site great.

    - Tony

  • Kiersten Ryan:

    Hi there, my name is Kiersten Ryan I am an advertising professional and self proclaimed “media addict”. I would love to become a member of, as watching and discussing the latest in TV whether it be comedy, drama, or my favorite…reality is one of my favorite past times. I feel this will be a great outlet to share my opinions, thoughts, and feelings about the TV I watch with others. I hope to be considered for as a potential contributor.

  • Hello
    My name Trey, I do write under the pseudonym Giles Marbeaux. I am studying dramatic writing in school, and I watch many many televisions show ranging from sitcom drama to british works. I love tv and what it does for conversation. We all love to talk about “our shows” and I would love to blog my opinions about tv share my thoughts anlearn some new things along the way.
    Thank you
    Trey Montgomery

  • mira22:

    My name is Deb and I live in Orlando, Fl. I love watching tv, specially reality shows, I think it’s great entertainment and a great escape from our everyday lives.
    It would definitely be interesting sharing opinions and thoughts with people who share the same passion for these shows.

  • Irma Causevic:

    Would like to become a member

  • sheepface:

    I just set up my info page, gravitar and adsense. However, I’m not seeing where to add the Google Ads code in my dashboard. The only two options I’m seeing are “dashboard” and “profile.” There isn’t a “My Advertising” option.

    Any advice?

    • admin:

      This is because you have not sent me an email with your user name it expressing that you want to be able to make post, I will update your account so you can and then you will see the My Advertising option, be sure you can post at least once a week.

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