Kim Richards speaks…and actually makes sense

Last night brought the third and final installment of the Real Housewives Reunion trilogy capping off a highly rated and intense season filled with catfights (think game night), addiction, weddings, and sadly death.  And as Bravo does best, they left the best for last, a 20 minute interview with Kim Richards and host Andy Cohen.  Kim’s tumultuous high’s and low’s fueled by alcohol addiction captivated viewers, capping off the season with a drunken episode in a limo on the way to Lisa’s restaurant opening rifling through trash and appearing disheveled.  Those who followed the season should have been happy with the Kim who appeared on TV last night, appearing healthier, and more coherent a welcome sight to what viewers were last left with. At one point a clip was shown of her clearly intoxicated and when asked for her reaction she said simply, “I don’t know who that person is”.  Kim started the season fresh out of rehab and was actually the voice of reason when on a trip to Colorado Taylor climbed into a suitcase announcing she wanted to go home. Now I know, Alcoholism is a serious addiction and one Kim has suffered from for years, however deciding to go on a Reality Show and airing ones laundry for all to see is probably not the best decision for someone barely recovered, hence the relapse only a few episodes in.  Just another reason why reality TV is so addicting for viewers yet can be catastrophic for those in front of the camera.

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