Mad Men on AMC

If you have not see this show (Mad Men) then I would recommend it for just about anyone. It is a great show that gives you a great look into what life was like in the 1960′s, I mean even if you do not like the story of the show I think anyone would get a kick out of the small things that were done so differently in the 60′s. I mean pregnant women drink and smoke, not knowing any better. Everyone and I mean just about everyone smokes. It is just kinda funny to see so many people smoke in so many places.

When reading what the show was about, advertizing, I did not think it would be a very good show but I see that they were on the 5th season so I thought it would be worth a look, and I am glad I watched it. You get to here about the advertizing campaigns and most of them are big company’s now but back then they were just getting started and it it kinda neat to see how all of that works.

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