Let’s talk about my absolute new favorite show, Misfits. This sharp & insanely funny British produced show is now airing its 3rd season on Hulu. I randomly stumbled upon this raucous blend of Heroes & Skins while I was meandering around the popular show list on Hulu’s website. ┬áThis show is gritty & inappropriate and if it aired on an America network it would definitely be HBO or Showtime. The first episode in the new season premiered our “anti-heroes” with new powers & a new member following Nathan’s departure. The new & hilarious Rudy Wade has the ability to split off into 2 versions of himself, the equivalent of having a twin that pops out of you at any given time. After having to defeat some new villains with powers, Rudy causes the gang of Curtis, Alisha, Simon & Kelly to be arrested for driving in a stolen car, which sends them right back into their orange jumpsuits for more community service duty.

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