The newest episode of Misfits aired on Hulu this past Monday, simply titled Seven. Fairly new character Seth has begun dating Kelly, while still searching for a way to bring his dead girlfriend back to life. At the start of this episode Seth has obtained the power to resurrect the dead & given it to Curtis. Once Seth’s girlfriend Shannon is alive, it is clear to see that something is off with her. The gang very quickly finds  themselves dealing with zombies, because with Curtis’ new power comes some heavy side effects. The zombie infection begins to spread inside of the  community center when a cat that Curtis resurrected bites several cheerleaders. The gang manages to kill all of the cheerleaders, Shannon & their newest Probation worker. Kelly & Seth get back together, and the gang shares a beer on the roof to celebrate the fact that they saved the world without fucking it up, only to remember that they never killed Mr. Miggles, the zombie cat.

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