Things You Need to Know to Be a Member of tvBlogs

Getting Started

Pay will be biased on traffic that you get to your post so the more people that read it the more you will make. If you would like to be a member of this blogging experience the first step will be for you to go out to the site and register as a user then email me the user ID that you used to sign up so I can give you access to post blogs.

Just make sure that you can post something at least once a week, you can blog about any show you want. When you sign up make sure you fill out the bio info page and any other info on the page that you have like email/websites ect becuase this info is used on the All Authors Page to show off our staff. If you do not have google ads you can see how to set that up on the Setting Up Your Ads page on the site.

When you make the post select the tv show that you are posting about in the category section on the side, if you do not see a show you want to write about just let me know and I will get it added out there for you. You can post about any show that you would like.

Setting up Your Profile

I know this sounds like a lot of work but you only have to do this one time and then it will be done, I am asking everyone to add information on there profile in tvBlogs so that your info will show up on the All Authors page. Make sure that you one at least have the bio info set up and and an image linked to your account to show up on the page, to get the image to work you will need to sign up for an account at Gravatar here ( using the email address that you used for your account on tvBlogs. If you have any issues or questions feel free to ask, don’t forget to start sharing your links to your post and to get your absence set up.

The all staff page is one of the last requirements that I need set up to really launch the site and submit it to Google news, most sites have great success with this process.

Setting up Your Ads

One thing to rember is to NEVER and I mean NEVER click on your own ads or tell someone to click on your ads for any reason, Google has a lot of pertection built into there ad accounts and if they have any reason at all to think that the ads are getting clicked in any way that is agienst there TOU they will ban your account, not send you any of your current earnings and there is no appeal to this at all.

This is what you need to do to get your ads to show up on the site.

First set up a Google AdSense account here (

Then after it is all set up you will need to log into your account and create an ad.

To do this click on the My ads tab and then click the New ad unit button.

Fill in the name box on this page to set up the ad, none of the other setting really matter on this page that you pick so just click the “Save and get code” button

After that you will get a pop up that has the code in it, from this page you will need the value in google_ad_client and google_ad_slot. The google_ad_client  will be a number that looks like this “ca-pub-4434023896073384” and the google_ad_slot will just be a sring of numbers like this “5395936438”

After you get these values from the screen you will need to log into your account on

When you are logged in here you will need to click the “My Advertising” link on the left side of the page then put your  google_ad_client  in the “google_ad_client”  box and the “Your Advertising ID” box and put your google_ad_slot in the “google_ad_slot “ box on this page. Then click the “Save Changes” button.

Now that you have this all set up your ads will show up on the side of the post that you make.

Share the site

Now that this site is set up and starting to get content, lets all start sharing the link around with everyone we know. With each of the post there are buttons set up for you to be able to share your post on social networks like Facebook, feel free to start telling anyone and everyone about your post, the more place you post your link online the more traffif you will get to your post and the more money you will not make after you get your ads set up.

Feel free to start posting any time you would like.

Making Post

Make sure you add an image to all of your post, it will make the post look a lot better and you will get more traffic.

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