“Presidents, Peanut Butter, & Popping-in”

In this episode of Cake Boss, Buddy has the opportunity of a lifetime, to make a monumental cake! Buddy and his crew make Mount Rushmore for the grandson of Luigi Del Bianco, the man who designed Mount Rushmore! What an honor! Everyone felt that this was their hardest cake yet! Buddy’s wife, Lisa, wants Marissa to make her famous peanut butter cake, which she made on The Next Great Baker. Lisa tasted it during the competition and fell in love with it! She insisted on Marissa to make another one, but that pulled Marissa away from her duties in the bakery. Marissa felt that “a happy wife is a happy life” and since Buddy is her boss, she wanted to keep him happy. She obeyed Lisa, but will that decision anger Buddy? Before the episode ends, you see a woman walk up the steps of the factory. Can you guess who it is? Her first words are, “I’m back!”

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