Remember “Basket of Kisses”? Revisit Peggy’s First Big Idea During This Sunday’s Encores


Binge on something other than Thanksgiving leftovers this weekend when Mad Men encores resume this Sunday at 6AM/5c. This weekend’s trio of episodes feature some of Mad Men‘s classic scenes: Peggy gets her start as a creative when she delivers her “basket of kisses” idea (Season 1, Episode 6 “Babylon”); Don gets payback on Roger for flirting with Betty  (Season 1, Episode 7 “Red in the Face”); and the team presents “Mark Your Man” to Belle Jolie, complete with Don’s passionate defense, “You are giving every girl who wears your lipstick the gift of total ownership” (Season 1, Episode 8 “The Hobo Code”). Just diving into the encores this week and need a refresher? Check out the Mad Men Episode Guide for full recaps, season overviews, cast interviews, trivia quizzes, photos and more.

Mad Men encores air Sundays at 6AM/5c.

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