Revenge continues to thrill

The episode all avid Revenge fans had been waiting for finally arrived Wednesday night, the Fire and Ice Party celebrating the engagement of Emily and Daniel. Those who have been watching from the beginning will remember that this is where the series began, with an unidentified young man being gunned down on the beach. We were then taken back to the beginning of summer and the journey of a young women seeking the revenge of her fathers death. Viewers, including myself were under the impression Daniel was the one who was shot on the beach, the twist of the night however was that it was his wining mentally ill “friend” Tyler, a past guest at Grayson Manor. The remainder of the season will now continue with Daniel being investigated for Tyler’s murder and his ever volatile relationship with his parents. Another interesting turn is his relationship with Emily, right before the shooting took place he begged her to flea to Paris with him and choose the life they would live, Emily surprised turned him down leading Daniel to believe Emily is only after the family name, something his mother continues to drive into his head, though there is still so much he has yet to learn about her and his family secrets.

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