ABC’s Suburgatory – The Casino Trip

   So I am fairly new to this show “Suburgatory” its pretty sarcastic thanks to my favorite character Tessa, the lead role  daughter of George. He is a pretty cool dad and a bit protective. This week he is out of his control reach. The episode starts out at this really lame charity event, so much for a friday night. In Chatswin parents are out dancing with their children. As Tessa  voices to Lisa ( a community friend ) ” its a bit abnormal” as they sit and watch from the side line. Lisa’s mother Sheila ( head of the PTA ) then takes the microphone and gives recognition to the Davenports for Amanda’s first menstruation cycle. Lisa shares ashamedly that she pretty much tells her mother everything. Tessa is quite disgusted at how open this town is. Tessa is all for her privacy. I agree!

I won’t lie they make this Chatswin town so dry its enticing to watch. Thank God for the balance of personalities. Pretty Funny. So finally some excitement the raffle drawing.

George, Tessa’s dad seems to be the winner, a trip to Atlantic City ! Noah his buddy is happy for him and Tessa, but is a bit bummed it wasn’t him. So George offers him to be an accomplice on this “Guys Night Out” trip. which stirs up other ears who are pleading to go. “The Hotel sleeps six so why not the more the merry” George says. There quite the bunch.

George – A single dad, who is afraid to leave his daughter alone, No parties as he points his finger! Tessa agrees ” Dad, this is Chatswin nothing goes wrong in Chatswin”,  this allows her father to calm down.  Secretively, In her head she is thinking of her and Scott going wrong in every room of the house ” Noah- who moved to Chatswin for dental studies now just wants a break from this life. Fred- who’s married to Shelia. He has to lie about going to see a family member who is sick just to make this exciting escape. He has quite the gambling addiction which makes him transform into a dangerous man ” Don’t Touch My Money B*tch!”  he screams during his nervous breakdown,  he threatens ” I Will Slash Your Face, In Order to Gamble ” his friends are quite appalled at this random behavior never seen before. The queer feud – are quite respectable in there skin and actually give flare with there presence.

While at home Tessa and Lisa are trying to figure out what Tessa should wear for Scotts arrival. Tessa nerves are on edge she’s trying to figure out how to keep Scotts interest. So Lisa pulls out a her ” love box” and offers it to Tessa just for this night. Chocolate syrup, love song cd, condoms, rubbing oil; I think you get the drift. Tessa declines and is okay with just a ” make out session.” While lisa nods her head she tells Tessa “You sound like a fool” she explains “he is an older guy with older guy needs. He’s been to Africa, Africa! He’s going to want to go tribal on you.” This thought has Tessa puzzled and thinks that maybe that comment is a bit offensive. Scott is in the building. He is kind of in his own world as he designs a africa eating mat he barley pays attention to Tessa. He tells he Africa will change you. Tessa is annoyed that he is all about africa and repeats what lisa says about going tribal on her. He reply’s ” That’s offensive….I think”.

George is wondering why he hasn’t heard from Tessa, but is trying not to crowd her. So he thinks of a better solution to send Dallas over there to be the eyes. Hip Preppy mom who is quite fashionable who thinks she can easily relate as a friend to Tessa. George calls her up and she agrees only to go over with friendly intentions. Sheila thinks she sences Fred on the other end. She explains that they have a second connection and feels when he has something to eat that doesn’t agreed with him. As he just finished a burger with blue cheese on it which gave him pain.

Ding Dong! Who could that be?

Tessa Figures out that her father sent Dallas over to snoop as Dallas admits Scott is a fox! Dallas gives George the 411 as Dallas like to use her slang quite often. George is ready to pack his bags but his buddies try talk he out of leaving. He wants to trust her but he just can’t but he holds on for 24 hours. Plus they ordered strippers for added fun. Fred bursts in with no pants and says that he bet them and all his money on a dog called “Lose All Your Money. ”  He knows that sheila will sense it, which she does as she pops up out of sleep. Fred then overcomes his addiction with friends…Hopefully!

Back at the ranch, Shelia awaits Fred’s arrival as he sneak in she startles him. Which causes him to explain that he knows she knows about what happen. Shelia consoles him that he does have to relive the pain of his aunt passing. Fred had to clear his ears and go along with the story as he continued to explain the money coming from the inheritance. Shelia was thrilled, ” Now I can buy a new hose.” Weird…I know.

Scott expresses that Pre-Africa he would have been really expressive but Post-Africa changed him. He rather take things slow. Two words that closed discussion ” Vaginal Birth ” as they kissed in agreement while he left out the door.

Tessa slept on the couch waiting for her fathers return. They squashed out their beef. Tessa commended George for not coming home even though he sent Dallas over here to find out she had a boy there. She likes the fact that he trusted her, ” I do trust you ” George answers in a questionable state. Tessa explained she’s practically an adult. George agreed and said ok I guess you don’t want this taffy. Tessa disagreed with an open hand.

Closing scene is priceless. Tessa lobbys out she making grilled cheese, ” Would you like one” George answers “yes” from upstairs. He hears that Tessa’s radio was still on while walking past, he turns it off. He then finds the ” love box” on the floor. He is curious at this point and lifts the lid with his foot. Yupp! Curiosity Always Kills The Cat! Hahaaa.
Stay Tuned For The Next Episode.

That’s my outlook ! Thanks For Reading.

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