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ABC’s ” PanAm ”

As “Pan Am” has its own true history of stewardess stories (1960s) this series has brought “Pan Am” to a more commercial vision. Basing its self around airplane atmosphere, plane control, pilots & of course our elegant stewardess. This show … Read the rest

Bachelor Ben gets caught in lust…


“He’s not the only guy in the world” said Courtney smugly before last night’s final rose ceremony and that along with her mindless actions throughout the show only fueled the confidence I and so many had that this was … Read the rest

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

I love love love love this show. Having the mind of thee  imaginers, this show soothes the soul. There is always a villain and always great longing happiness filled with love. You feel all the emotion in this particular series. … Read the rest

ABC’s Suburgatory – The Casino Trip

   So I am fairly new to this show “Suburgatory” its pretty sarcastic thanks to my favorite character Tessa, the lead role  daughter of George. He is a pretty cool dad and a bit protective. This week he is out of … Read the rest