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It has been confirmed that Season 4, which airs this summer, will in fact be the last season for the Teen Mom 1 girls. I am going to miss Macy’s story the most. Bentley is such an adorable little boy. Macy, Catelynn, Farrah, and Amber have bravely let their lives be put on camera for the world to see. They should not be judged for their actions, as many of us have probably made some of the same choices they have made. What we can hope for, is that young girls everywhere have learned from these girls. I do not feel the show promotes pregnancy, or glorifies it in any way. I believe this show is important for younger generations. Lets recap a little on the lives of these girls:

Macy: She is the mother of Bentley. In 16 & Pregnant, she was with Ryan, Bentley’s father. They lived together, and were even engaged. But as we saw, they didn’t work out. Ryan just wasn’t ready to grow up yet. He struggled with being a father for a while, leaving Macy to do most of the work. Eventually during Teen Mom, she rekindled her relationship with Kyle. Ryan even had a new girlfriend for a while. Over time, Macy and Ryan have learned to stay civil with each other  to make co-parenting easier. Recently, Macy and Kyle have broken up. I wish her and Ryan would get back together already! Even though Ryan was awful to her in the beginning, I think he has grown up a lot. I think they are both too afraid to try and have a relationship again, for fear it will be like it was. Or, maybe they have both simply just moved on from the past. Whatever the case may be, Macy, Ryan, and Bentley I wish you all a happy life.

Catelynn: She is the mother to Carley. We had to watch Catelynn and Tyler make the hardest decision they will probably ever have to make in their entire lives. They decided to give Carley up for adoption to a wonderful couple. I am so happy that it is an option adoption, and Catelynn and Tyler can still watch their little girl grow up. We witnessed Catelynn go to a retreat for birth moms to try and help cope with her emotions. We also witnessed Tyler trying to gain control of his. We also witnessed some turmoil in her relationship with Tyler. Shortly after they got engaged, we found out Catelynn had cheated on Tyler before. I am glad they were able to work things out, and that they are still together. I am hoping that Catelynn’s relationship with her mother has gotten better, as well as Tyler’s with his father. Catelynn and Tyler, I hope someday when you are able to to care for your children like you feel you should be able to, that you are blessed with many! Carley will understand that at the time, you made the best decision for her.

Farrah: Farrah is the mother of Sophia. During 16 & Pregnant, I am sure many of us, wondered about Sophia’s father. Later on in Teen Mom, we found out that he had passed away from a car accident. I understood a little more about Farrah and her family after seeing this. Farrah and her mother have such a stressful relationship because her mother didn’t like Sophia’s father. We also find out that Sophia’s father never knew Farrah was pregnant when he passed away. I am glad that she was able to get in touch with Derick’s father and Derick’s sister. We watched Farrah struggling to become a woman, living on her own and going to school. She graduated from culinary school, and hopes to own her own restaurant someday. She also models. I am proud of Farrah. She is a strong girl. I may not like her attitude all the time, but I am not in her shoes. Farrah and Sophia, I hope that you find peace and live a happy life. Someday you will find someone to love you and Sophia like Derick would have wanted to if he were still alive.

Amber: She is the mother to Leah. Amber and Gary had a rough relationship from the beginning. The fact that they lasted so long, even on and off, shocked me a little. I feel bad for Leah that she has to grow up in the middle of this disastrous relationship between her parents. We witnessed Amber get physical with Gary a number of times. It even led to her daughter almost being taken away from her. Amber has a lot of issues that she needs to deal with. Again, I am not in her shoes and I have no idea what really goes on in her life. I am not judging her, merely just stating that she needs to sort some things out. I hope for Leah’s sake, that Amber can clean up her act and be a mother. Amber, keep your head held high, deal with your issues, and prove to everyone that you can be a good mother. As for you and Gary, I think we all know it’s over. Learn to co-parent and get along, but please don’t stay together!

There you have it; four moms, four children, many struggles, and many more struggles to come. I am sure these girl’s have learned a lot from watching themselves on the show. I am sure they will continue to be active in fighting teen pregnancy. As we bid these girls goodbye from Teen Mom, let’s wish them the best. I am sure they are tired of every bit of their lives being filmed, and they are ready to live their lives without cameras. They deserve to. Thank you girls for your fight to prevent teen pregnancy. I sure am glad we get one more season with all of you before we have to say good-bye for real!

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  • Do you have any idea if Amber is going to be in the last season? With all of her legal trouble and being in jail for a while I was not sure if she would be filming. I would say the show is good for one thing and this is showing teens that just cause you get pregnant by a teenage lover, it does not mean he will stay. Im looking forward to seeing Tyler and Caitlyn. They are truly a rare breed!

  • mrgnjones9:

    They had to postpone some of Amber’s filming, but she will be in the last season.

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