Teen Mom Baby Drama Episodes 1-4

What do all of you viewers think about Teen Mom so far? We are only 4 episodes into the season, and already so much has happened! Let’s take a look at all four ladies and their babies.

I want to start with Maci. Bentley is the cutest little boy, and he is growing up fast! He is highly intelligent, and so full of personality. So far, it seems like Maci and Ryan’s relationship is still as rocky as ever. One minute they get along, the next fighting. For instance when Maci asked Ryan to pick Bentley up early, and he said he was busy. I am sure if he would have just told Maci he was signing up for school, her attitude would have been a little different! It is as if fighting is their only form of commuication with one another. Then, Maci wants to go to Florida while Ryan and his family are on vacation! Say what?! I can empathize with her about missing Bentley, but her reaction was priceless when she found out Ryan was bringing his girlfriend that she knew nothing about. You can’t say Maci was intruding because of his girlfriend, because she had no idea until she asked if she could go! I am glad for Bentley’s sake they took a family picture. That shows a little maturity on everyone’s part. I felt so sad for Maci when Bentley didn’t want to stay with her, but wanted to go with his daddy. I think it embarrassed Maci, especially because Ryan’s girlfriend Dallis was present. I wasn’t surpised that Ryan didn’t want to go out with Maci and her friends when invited. I think the two of them still have unresolved issues where their relationship is concerned. I wish Ryan and Maci could work out their differences and be together, not just for Bentley, but because I think they are meant to be.

Next, let’s talk about Catelynn! I am so proud of her and Tyler for graduating from highschool! That is a big step in their lives that they will look back on and be so happy that they accomplished. I know how hard it was for them to give Carley up, and it hurt me to see them sad after their visit. For as young as they are, they are really handling this situation well. They are two very strong individuals – and even stronger together. At least they get to see little Carley grow up in a loving family, and they still have a chance to have some sort of relationship with her. I wish Tyler’s dad would grow up and be a dad instead of a child. Catelynn and Tyler were trying to avoid being parents right now because they knew they were not ready. But Butch is going to make sure they still have to be responsible for him! I hope Tyler sticks to his two-strike rule, and when Butch acts up again he can have to courage to tell him to get out. That is a hard place to be put in. It wasd also nice hearing Catelynn’s mom tell her she was proud of her. Not all too often does her mom get mushy with her daughter.

Farrah is moving to Florida-and taking Sophia with her! You can’t tell a mom what to do with her child, and it is only natural that Farrah wouldn’t want to be away from Sophia. What I don’t get, is why she still continues to be so rotten towards her parents. For crying out loud, her dad drove for five days in a U-HAUL truck bringing her stuff to Florida for her. Farrah needs to understand that taking Sophia away from her grandparents is just the same as Farrah leaving her behind and moving. She is taking her away from the only family she has, and it is going to be a big change. I get that she wants her freedom to do as she pleases, but her parents only have what’s best for her in their hearts. I thought she was going to lose her head when Michael said he was thinking about moving to Florida to be near Sophia.  Another thing that irritates me: Farrah gave away one dog because it was too much for her to handle, yet bought another one! What happened to getting a fish? Sophia even wanted the fish. I wasn’t aware fish meant dog. I think we can all agree Farrah’s date was a DISASTER. She is like evil-spitfire wrapped up in a blanket of pretty face. She really does need to “relax” a little and stop being so uptight. Farrah has way to much built up anger and she lashes out on anything and anyone that she can. It’s not healthy.

And last but not least, Amber. All I can say about Amber is -Drama Queen. She really needs to get over herself! She is rude, demanding, obnoxious, and all about herself. What Gary sees in her, I HAVE NO IDEA! Rehab really is the best place for her because she seriously has issues that she needs to work through. The person I feel the most for is poor baby Leah. She misses her “mommy” so much. When she tells her mommy she loves her and misses her so much it makes my heart melt to pieces. I hope Amber realizes she has the most adorable daughter, and that she needs to better herself because Leah needs her. I hate to be so opinonated about Amber, and I would like to try and see the best in her, but it is becoming harder and harder as her actions continue to stay the same. Her attitude is a big issue. I agree with her brother that her and Gary together are toxic. They just need to give it up for Leah’s sake. Her family is already dysfuncional enough!

Well, there you have it-four episode worth of drama, and still plenty to come!

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