The Case of the Disappearing Beer is Finally Solved

Well, they’ve done it again. Supernatural really excels at bringing characters back from the dead, or undead, once we’ve said goodbye to them. But perhaps, just like Sam and Dean, we’ve all been harboring a little hope that Bobby wasn’t really lost to us…and as it turns out, he’s not entirely gone.

Last week’s episode, which is the last we’ll be seeing as the show goes on what’s becoming its signature hiatus after dropping a bomb on its fans, featured yet another return of a beloved character, Bobby Singer. Despite the boys’ insistence that a phantom Bobby is impossible due to giving him a “hunter’s funeral”, the cantankerous mentor is back. Finally, as if we haven’t had enough hints dropped on us; the disappearing beer, the Greek incantation magically appearing on top of a paper heap, random moments of EMF, and several others. What could have been misinterpreted as the manifestation of Dean and Sam’s last desperate hopes that Bobby was still with them, or Dean’s alcohol intake at an all-time high, have all turned out to be signs of Bobby’s presence.

Nevertheless, the audience knows that Bobby’s still hovering around, but Sam and Dean have yet to have solid confirmation. We learned that Sam attempted to reach across the threshold through the use of a Ouija board without any kind of reply. And Dean practically pleaded aloud to what he hoped had been Bobby after the incident with the sword in the fight with the shojo. After the two try to rationalize everything they’ve been through and conclude that Bobby is in fact gone from them and all their experiences are just the symptoms of loss and grief, the viewers see the truth. It truly was Bobby all along. And his frustration is apparent. Bobby can’t reach the boys. Only through his ability to “Swayze” objects, like the papers, can he make contact. When Dean entered the room where Bobby is finally revealed, there is no acknowledgement between the two. The next obvious challenge for Bobby is to find a way to make his presence known.

And when Bobby and the boys are reunited across the continuum of life and death, what then? Has he now gone Obi Wan on us? Is he stuck? Are they going to bring him back….but they burned his bones? We have until April 20to wait and agonize, as usual, over what’s going to happen next. Balls.

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