The Murder of One

Stephan, Damon, Elena, Caroline, Alaric and Matt all prepare to go to war with the originals. Damon managed to find wood left from the Wickory Bridge, in which he turned into stakes. They all head out into the woods for some strategy practice, which proved to be beneficial later in the episode. They planned on only having to kill one to kill them all; considering they are linked together. But Klaus had other plans. I should have guessed it, he captured Bonnie to do his dirty work. He needs Bonnie so she can undo the linking spell Klaus’s mother has placed on them all. All Bonnie has done is try to stay out of all of this, yet somehow she keeps getting more involved.

Rebekkah also had some plans of her own where Damon was concerned. She wanted revenge for his prying into her mind. It was pretty graphic when she chained him up, and began slicing away at his body. It was also pretty cruel when she manipulated his mind in the scene where we think Elena has come to save him. Elena also becomes furious when Stephan refuses to stop his plans to save Damon. Stephan expresses that he knows his brother would want him to kill the originals. Plus, Stephan is thinking, you kill one-you kill them all.

  Stephan barely managed to survive his attack on Finn and Sage. Had it not have been for Elena, who knows what would have happened to him. It was also odd when after an hour of Finn dying, Sage died as well. They realized when an original dies, so does the linage of vampires they have created. They soon came to the sad conclusion that if they kill Klaus, they are dooming tyler. the Salvatores are still unsure which bloodline they have come from, but even so; this throws a complete curveball in their plans to kill the originals.  

We also get to witness the heart felt conversation between Elena and Stephan. I am glad they both got their feelings out, but I can’t help but to feel a little sad for Stephan that he realizes Elena loves Damon in the same way she loves him. It must be like Katherine all over again. I see Elena with Stephan, not Damon. But it is obvious there is tension between her and Damon. No matter the case of who she loves, she is still human and they are vampires. Her fate with either of the two is short-lived given this little fact.

Stephan also decides to trade the stakes for Damon. They soon all realize one stake is missing. Apparently after Caroline and Alaric’s talk, she left him alone. We all know what happens next. His altar ego hid his stake from himself. They need to find this stake, and get it to Klaus before someone gets hurt. This puts an unexpected twist to their plans on ridding themselves of Klaus. But, if everything went the way we think it should, we wouldn’t have a show!

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