The Vampire Diaries

Ahhh!!! This show gets better every week. I have yet to sit through a minute of boredom during a single episode of this show. Last night’s episode was intense. Lets start off with Caroline’s dad dying and being brought back to life with vampire blood in him which would turn him into the one thing in the world he despises most. He obviously opts out of a life of immortality and chooses to die even though Caroline begs him to stay for her. Stefan and Damon have a dinner date with Klaus and Elijah in order to make a deal over Klaus’s coffin he so desperately wants back. The tension between Stefan and Klaus makes for an interesting show it reveals a side of Stefan the fans never saw coming. Finally Bonnie and her mother were able to unbind the seal on the coffin and we get to see who was inside, Klaus’s mother. I definitely was not expecting that. However I was expecting Elijah to betray Klaus which he did when he reunited his family to get their revenge on Klaus. I love the triangle between Elena, Stefan and Damon i mean who doesn’t though?. They both love her and she loves both of them which keeps things exciting, especially after she admitted to Stefan that her and Damon kissed. We have to admit that Stefan deserved it though with the way he has been acting all season (regardless if it is to protect her). This is by far my favorite show on TV everything about it is great, from the writing to the acting to even the locations it is filmed in. Not to mention they absolutely have the hottest cast on TV! We’ll meet back next week!

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