There’s Trouble in Paradise During This Weekend’s Encores


Every relationship has its ups and downs and when this weekend’s encores resume Sunday morning, Maddicts will be reminded of the rocky roads our beloved paramours have had to face. Betty finds Don’s secret memorabilia box and learns of his past with Anna Draper (Season 3, Episode 10 “The Color Blue”); Joan bashes Greg’s head with a vase (Season 3, Episode 11 “The Gypsy and the Hobo”); Roger berates Jane for trying to befriend Margaret (Season 3, Episode 12 “The Grown Ups”); and Don moves into a new apartment after Betty declares she wants a divorce (Season 3, Episode 13 “Shut the Door. Have a Seat”).

Are you an expert now that you’ve rewatched all of Season 3? Prove it with the Season 3 Ultimate Fan Game. Ready to go into even more detail? Test your knowledge of each episode with the Episode 310, Episode 311, Episode 312 and Episode 313 Ultimate Fan Games. Need to brush up on all the events? Check out the Mad Men Episode Guide for full recaps, season overviews, cast interviews, trivia quizzes, photos and more.

Mad Men encores air Sundays at 6AM/5c.

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