They’re Only Here to Help…And Take Away Mentors.

Well it seems that the once and future replacement of Bobby Singer didn’t last long enough to become remotely close to developing a bonding relationship with Sam and Dean. After finishing up a case, the boys pay a visit to Frank’s rolling headquarters only to find the place in bloody disarray. Whether the brilliant, paranoid Frank has only been kidnapped by a Leviathan henchman or eaten by one is yet to be seen…

Frank’s disappearance or death is untimely, indeed. The boys brought with them a trailer that’s contents could merely contain the cursed objects within a safe, OR a Leviathan ready for interrogation. George, the Leviathan in question, had already revealed a disturbing tidbit of the big mouths’ plan. The mysterious plot of land in Wisconsin purchased by a conglomerate of Dick Roman’s empire turns out to be the site for a research lab. George explains that the research is for a cure for cancer, because after all, he tells them, they’re “just there to help.” One can only imagine what kind of conspiracy theories Frank would come up with up upon hearing that!

Despite George’s eagerness to share the plans for the research lab, there is no immediate explanation as to why the Leviathan are there to “help.” What is the benefit of them eradicating cancer? Is it only a ploy to develop an even more destructive strain, much like the Croatoan virus? Hopefully, more will be revealed in the episodes to come…and also the safe return of a non-possessed, unchanged Frank.

Speaking of upcoming episodes, the long awaited return of Castiel occurs in next week’s episodes Sadly, spoiler websites have ruined the happy homecoming. This return is only to be the first of a three episode arc before Misha Collins’ beloved character is finito. And so we say goodbye, dear Cas, you hoarse-whispering, trench coat-wearing thing. As if Sam didn’t have enough problems dealing with Lucifer’s constant mental torture, now he’ll surely have to mollycoddle Dean and his developing alcoholism as he deals with the loss of Cas….again. Does anyone else feel the constant need to say, “Poor Sam!” in nearly every episode?





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